For those who are SEARCHING for music

To get customized music for your projects, you have to sign up by clicking on Customer Access. After the registration you will be redirected in your "Customer Area" and then you have to go to "Opportunity/Request" and finally click on the "Create New Request" button. Now you just have to fill in the form to be presented directly to the Artists specifying all your needs. In a short time, through our system, Artists from all over the world can present their music composed according to your directives and needs, according to your budget as well. This means that you can get the music you are looking for, even if it's been produced this week or a month ago, or it's a track that's been specially composed for the request that YOU have provided.

If you prefer you can contact us by email to: support@mediamusicmanager.com, we'll contact Artists for you.

Requests can be submitted in 48 hours or more, the longer you wait the wider your choice of tracks will be.

No, you don't. If you are not satisfied with what you've heard (but we firmly believe that won't happen), you won't be forced to purchase any license.

Of course! You can indicate how many songs you need in your "Request" form. Obviously, you won't have any obligation to buy the exact number you requested, you will decide if you have found 1 or more pieces that fit your needs. Each track that you are going to buy will have the price you indicated in the "Request" budget.

Yes, Media Music Manager has also a library; but we believe that our approach with the "Opportunities" can facilitate and speed up the process for those who like tp SEARCH for Quality Music and help the Artists to present to you their best tracks, whether they're from their repertoire or they're produced specifically to satisfy your requests.

There are at least two reasons that make us believe that our system for "Opportunities" can be more useful than a classic library, both for those who create music and for those searching for music


Traditional libraries offer music that has been released over the last few years or decades, which is already in their system and which can be purchased at a fixed price. With our Opportunity system we provide music that could have been produced last night or music that has not even been produced yet, created to satisfy your request. We have a very open pricing system, where you can propose your budget and get the music directly by the artists who agree with your terms.


Libraries are a good way to find background music, but you waste a lot of time searching, and often what you find isn't exactly what you had in mind. By creating direct requests to the Artists, they can have a description of the project and decide if they want or are able to offer their music to the project. It is not necessary to give specifics on the brand, the agency or what the product is, but it is important to offer a description of what you are looking for. This will give you the "REAL" music of great Indie Artists and Musicians from all over the world.

For those who CREATE Music

Media Music Manager can help you get in touch directly with those who are looking for music such as: companies that want to enhance their brand with original and unpublished music, such as advertising agencies, movie productions, TV channels, video game developers, filmmakers and all those who are looking for music for their multimedia projects. In most cases, the use of this music requires a specific license.

Earnings for these licenses can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. This will depend on the duration of the track in the movie or advertisement or the importance of the track for the project being developed.

Some projects are paid less, but they are still interesting projects that can have promotional benefits for your music and for you as an artist. The process is quite simple: the companies/people describe their project to us or on their own directly on our site. The briefing will give you more specifics about what they are looking for, including the time limit for presenting the tracks and the budget offered for the Opportunity. So you will be the one deciding if you are interested in what was proposed by the client or not.

You will need to have an account in order to participate to an Opportunity, even if you only use our service once. You can simply load one or more tracks of your Music on the opportunity page by clicking on the "Add track" button. Or choose one of the tracks you've uploaded to your Dashboard (if you're a selected artist in our library).

Yes, but within reasonable limits. We recommend to send few tracks, do not exceed 5 tracks per Opportunity.

An opportunity expires at the expiry date. If a track you presented for the Opportunity was chosen by the potential customer, you will be notified by notification on your Dashboard.

The request for a genre can be very subjective and requires some common sense. If a customer requires an American rock style, but you think your track sounds more like an English indie rock, it's likely to be close enough to the needs of the customer. But if your track is a hip-hop piece, it's clear that it makes no sense to present your track. You have to be honest and ask yourself if the music you're presenting to the potential client is really what he's looking for. Our advice is not to send music randomly just to participate in all the Opportunities, thinking that you have more chances to be selected.

Often they aren't authorized and/or do not want to disclose details that can be used to track their productions or their customers. Others are afraid to receive continuous calls from labels, publishers or composers who try to sell their music aggressively, often disturbing their daily activities.

Yes! With the free account You will be able to present a maximum of 2 tracks per Opportunity (the presentation of each song has a cost of $4), or you can buy one of our subscriptions, depending on your needs.

TIP:  If you have proposed some of your tracks to be part of our library, but none of them have been selected, we suggest you not to present the same songs that we have rejected for the Opportunities. It's better to offer potential customers something new, instead of works that have already been rejected!

Yes, the philosophy of MMM aims, without compromise, to create a high-quality library of quality, so it is a necessary step that your tracks can be put under a magnifying glass by experts in the field. This is a guarantee both for the musicians, to be entered in a selective and high-quality environment, and for the companies that optimize their search time by focusing only on what type of music they need.

TIP: Better to register for free, uploading at least 5 tracks to understand how many of these will be suitable for our technical/artistic managers and how many ARE NOT. In this way you will be able to realize, not only if it is the case to subscribe to any paid subscription, but also the actual quality of your tracks at the moment, and can thus improve and build with hard work and time your musical Professionality.

Custom Feedback is an exclusive service for all artists that have a pay subscription. A music supervisor will send via mail the reason why your track isn't approved for the music library.

Our profit is made from the presentation of the individual opportunities or the various types of subscriptions that the Artist decides to purchase for our services. Depending on the subscription purchased by the Artist/Musician, we receive a commission, from a minimum of 20% to a maximum of 50%, on the sale of licenses for tracks uploaded to our library and a fixed percentage of 25% on licenses obtained from the artist through the Opportunities won. We take nothing from royalties (PRO).

Just contact us by email at support@mediamusicmanager.com with the subject "Delete Account", within a couple of days your account will be deleted.


At the moment our Coupons are usable by the Artists that are part of our Library.

The Coupons have been designed primarily to encourage and reward our most talented "Selected Artists". For us at Media Music Manager, the artists who are part of our Library are all important, but we want to show our appreciation to all those who are demonstrating their qualities over time.


One or more Artists participating in one of our Opportunities can receive from potential customers compliments for the presented tracks. The Artists in this case will receive Coupons to be used to purchase a subscription or just to participate in a new Opportunity.

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