Trailer for a TV series pilot.

We are looking for a soundtrack for a trailer for the pilot of a new TV series.
The track must be energetic, gripping and epic for fast and adrenaline-fueled scenes.
The sound must be a mix of Rock and electronic sounds.
Trailer for a TV series pilot.
License type:Trailers
License duration (ex. 1 month, 3 month, 12 month, perpetual.):12 Months
Territories licensed:Spain
Number of tracks requested:1
Media type:Internet, TV
Genre request:Energetic, Drums, Synthesizers, Guitar, ROCK
Track length:1.15 minute
Track speed BPM (ex.120Bpm):128 Bpm
Track (ex. Instrumental/Vocal):Instrumental
Voice type:None
Explicit lyrics:No
Reference Tracks or Artist:
470,00 $
Applications closed on the 23-Sep-2019

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