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Custom Soundtrack.

Media Music Manager offers a free service to quickly get the music you need. Artists and experts from all over the world will fulfill your request. You will get the best music for your project, according to musical style, preferences and necessity. Set the features you need and choose which track fits your project best.

A quick system.

Do you urgently need music? No problem! Our artists can help you. Our system will quickly find the tracks that fit your requests, no matter how detailed they are. We have artists from all over the world ready to produce what you need. Musicians automatically declare to agree with your terms showing you their tracks. You'll be able to find easily the music you're thinking of.

Customized music for your project.

Our system lets you request original music customized according to your desire. Artists from Media Music Manager can upload their music to the portal in minutes. Then you'll be able to listen and get music that has just been produced according to your demand. Media Music Manager make available for you hundreds of Selected Artists who will offer you their best works, according to your necessities.

No obligation to purchase the license.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you have no obligation to purchase the license.

Two ways to show your project.

You can log in as a "Customer", create a request and fill in the "Create new Request" form, or you can simply send us an email at and describe us what you're looking for. We'll show your project to our Artists for you.


Want to keep your brand, or your customer's brand anonymous? No problem. Often projects require confidentiality, and our system has been built to work with a simple project description. The company name won't be revealed to any artist until the track has been selected. WHAT MUSIC DO YOU NEED?


HQ music at your service

The Artists and Tracks of our Library are carefully selected by our music managers to offer you the best of international indie Music.

The best opportunities

We offer you the best Opportunities to promote, monetize and make your Music known to professionals working in the different sectors of international Media.

Playlists created just for you

Contact us at to have playlists created for your needs. Choose the best track for your multimedia project. Sign_up/Sign_in

Media Music Manager, music license for media

Media Music Manager is the easiest and fast way to get a custom soundtrack with professional and HQ sound. Music license for any purpose, custom soundtrack on demand.

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