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Media Music Manager is an innovative platform for music licenses for movies, television and interactive projects directors and advertising agency. We aim to give to musiciansproducers and composers the Opportunity to sell their work and get a promotional boost for their music. Our Opportunities are addressed to all professionals in the music industry, as long as their tracks are of excellent technical and artistic quality. You will always be able to work only on the projects you find the most relevant and interesting.

Your music for a global market.

We have collected different opportunities from all over the world in a single place. They include Advertising, Cinema, TV and other Media that often need very specific music in short time. In case artists, record companies or publishers can't build and maintain a network to keep in touch with music supervisors, producers, advertising agencies or game developers; we do it for them every single day, to offer you always new and exciting Opportunities.

Our Library.

In addition to the opportunities on the site, we have developed a music library where artists can decide the price of their work according to the license type. To be part of the library you will need to become one of our Selected Artists by proposing some tracks. Every track uploaded on the platform will be reviewed by our Artist Managers, who will decide whether the proposed tracks are suitable or not to be included in the Library.
The rejected tracks will remain present on your profile and you will still be able to use them for our Opportunities. Additionally, by choosing one of our subscriptions you can take advantage of our exclusive "PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK" service, which grants you a detailed explanation by one of our experts on why a track has been deemed unsuitable, and what you can improve in order to optimize it.

No obligation, no exclusivity.

The registration to our library is free, but to enter it you have to be selected by sending us 3 tracks to be evaluated by our artistic managers. If you want to send music for a project you can choose one of our subscription plans or you can send a single track for the Opportunity. Uploading tracks on our platform or presenting your work for our "Opportunities" will not stop you from proposing your Music elsewhere.

Keep creative control and your copyrights.

We believe you should be able to decide which projects are closest to what you want to produce, which is why you will maintain 100% of your royalties. Our commissions start from a minimum of 25% to a maximum of 50% on licenses sold based on the subscription chosen (see our subscritions: If budget and terms related to an Opportunity doesn't fit your desire, you have no obligation to participate, but if it does you just need to press "send" in order to present your Track. LET YOUR MUSIC BE HEARD! 


HQ music at your service

The Artists and Tracks of our Library are carefully selected by our music managers to offer you the best of international indie Music.

The best opportunities

We offer you the best Opportunities to promote, monetize and make your Music known to professionals working in the different sectors of international Media.

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Contact us at to have playlists created for your needs. Choose the best track for your multimedia project. Sign_up/Sign_in

Media Music Manager, opportunity for your music

Music request for movie, advertisement, tv. Propose your music to become a selected artist and to participate at the custom music request.

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